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RUCC are excited to launch the inaugural ‘67 Club’ – a coterie group aimed at generating funds for the clubs new RUCC Scholarship program.


The RUCC Scholarship program is aimed at fostering the transition of the club’s junior talent into the Senior Men’s & Women’s teams to keep our players in sport for longer.


SENIOR SCHOLARSHIPS – retain players that have recently completed school into the Senior playing ranks to be our future leaders.
TIGER SCHOLARSHIPS – encourage current junior players to play a number of Senior games through the season, gaining experience, improving their game and becoming familiar with the Senior club.


How Can You Help – join the 67 Club!
All funds received from the 67 Club coterie group will be expensed exclusively to the RUCC Scholarship Program. You will directly be assisting young players develop for RUCC. You will also receive:

• Clubroom 67 Club Acknowledgment

• 67 Club Monthly Newsletter

• Meet 1st Grade Leadership Drinks

• Free drink at each home game

• Club Cap


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Sponsoring a cricket club is a great way to promote your business and show your love for the our local community. By becoming a sponsor, you will gain exposure with all our members and visitors alike. Your sponsorship will help support our club and contribute to the development of our players & the game.


Get in touch today to find out how you can become a sponsor of our cricket club. If you are interested in sponsoring our club or can help with fundraising donations then please contact us.

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